Travel Agencies of Intendente

Lisbon, Portugal

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The “Narrativas Fotográficas do Intendente” has the aim of preserving the collective memory of the neighborhood Intendente in Lisbon. My project is about the travel agencies in the street called  ́Rua do Benformoso ́, one of the most multicultural streets in Lisbon, which is being heavily affected by the gentrification of the area.

There is a paradox in the fact that people working at the travel agencies have travelled away from their countries of origin to sell trips to those same distant destinations. The main destinations bought at Intendente include: Bangladesh, India and Saudi Arabia. The most fascinating of all, is the trip to the holy land of the Muslims: Mecca, a journey that Muslims must do at least once in their lifetime. It is common for wealthy Muslims to finance the trip for poorer Muslims, as the cost ranges from 5000 to 8000 euros.

In most agencies there is the possibility to send money home, meaning that in the ‘Rua do Benformoso’ they’ll always find a connection home.

(Top) Like in the mosques, these travel agencies turn out to be places to socialize, and often internet hotspots.

(Top) Mecca

(Top) Mohomed has an attention with his costumers, making sure they dont miss their flights, something which has been lost when buying flights online.

(Top) Lisbon publicized in Intendente, Lisbon

(Top) The strong Muslim presence is felt