August 2019

Officially started scanning my father’s photography archive today, which he shot from the early 70's until he died in 2007. I started with his collection of slides, as I was so inspired & motivated by The Anonymous Photo Project(http://www.anonymous-project.com/photos/) at Les Rencontres d'Arles.

©Albano Costa Lobo


Nazare, August 2019

Documenting a feminist bullfight


Vila Real, July 2019

Documented the religion procession in Constantim, Vila Real of Saint Frutuoso, Saint Barbara and Saint Maria da Feira. Part of my ongoing series exploring the pagan origin of Catholic rituals, as well as the analyzing its performative element and how it reflects the human desire to belong.


Manchester, June 2019

The Moments Between with Ana Paganini - Then There Was Us



Bijagos Islands, March 2019

These photos were taken during an intense campaigning, especially in the interior, during the 20 days before the parliamentary elections in Guinea-Bissau. The poster on the tree is one of the examples of propaganda which reached the island of Uite where supposedly no food or medicine can be reached. These are the headquarters of the PRS in the Island of Bolama. The African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), ended up winning the elections on the 10th of March.


Island of Bolama, Guinea-Bissau March 2019

Bolama which used to be the capital of Guinea-Bissau until 1941. The city's architecture is typically Portuguese, due to its colonial past. This is the abandoned palace of the governor and the town hall of Bolama, during the period of 1879 until 1941 when it was the capital of Guinea-Bissau. This building is considered Neoclassical, but the rest of the the city's architecture is typically Portuguese, due to its colonial past. The city is now in a state of decadence, almost a Ghost town. 


Island of Uite, Guinea-Bissau, March 2019

In December 2018 a fire struck the Island of Uite in the Bijagos, Guinea-Bissau. I was there in March and it was extraordinary to see all the members of the community reconstructing the whole village.


Comporta, April 2019

I have been documenting Janis Dellarte’s latest project since January to June.


Lisbon, March 2019

Documenting the last day of a family’s house, which has been owned by the same family for 300 years. The fact this family sold this house to become a hotel is an example of what the effect housing crisis in Lisbon is having.


Lisbon, January 2019

Documenting the work and studio of Vasco Futscher


Cascais, December 2018

My family on Christmas day, these photos were inspired by Sian Davey’s intimate portraits of her daughters.


Monte Estoril, December 2018

The last house where my father lived, which has been abandoned for 10 years, this is one of my long term projects.


Cascais, December 2018

Lunch at my grandparents house


Cascais, December 2018

For the first time in years, I was in Portugal during the a solstice, as for the past 4 years was at Stonehenge documenting the solstices. This year I ended up celebrating the winter solstice with a very special Portuguese family at the Guincho beach.


Vila Real, October 2018

Velharias Morais is antique shop which is more like a museum. Manuel Morais started accumulating his “empire” of objects in 1991, when he was emigrated in Switzerland and would ship objects to Portugal for when he’d move back home. The Morais family eventually moved back in 2010, and have over 10 rooms packed with objects ranging from Swiss medals to a pair of Ski boots. What fascinates me about this place is the random composition which formed over the years and how Sr. Morais can still remember the origin of every single object.


France, September 2018

Wedding in Perpignan, these were my first photos using the Hasselblad 500cm


Vila Real, Agosto 2018

Documenting a hermit couple in the North of Portugal for a few weeks, this is one of my long term documentary projects.


Caldas da Rainha, August 2018

These are the bullfighters of the Forcados Amadores das Caldas da Rainha whom I documented over summer.


 London, July 2018

The Dennis Severs house allows us to experience the past as it is made up of  "living still lifes" such as this one. This was my first roll of Medium format.


Lisbon, June 2018

This was a fundraising event at the “Casa de Santo António” which is an institution who’s mission is to support unprotected motherhood.


London, May 2018

Golden hour at Hyde Park


Lisbon, April 2018

Documenting the studio and work of French-Italian artist Annabelle Moreau


 Lisbon, April 2018

The top quote was in an article about Frida Kahlo's objects, which were only found in 2004, 50 years after her death. The bottom quote was mentioned at the photographer Dayanita Singh's talk, regarding her brilliant series of photos of empty chairs


Paris, February 2018

It was the biggest snowfall since 1987 in Paris, so I went to the famous cemetery Pere Lachaise to photograph the snow on the graves. To my disappointment it was shut due to safety procedures. However on the following day I photographed the Montmartre Cemetery from a bridge, as all the cemetery’s remained shut.


Cascais, December 2017

Portraits of family taken at Christmas


London, December 2017


London, November 2017

The fact that the Palace Superbowl at the classic Elephant & Castle Shopping center is going to be destroyed in early 2019, meant that I felt some urgency to document it 


 London, November 2017


 Lisbon, September 2017

 I was surprised to find a metal casting house right in the center of Lisbon, where it has been since 1905, it is nice to see business like this survive independently of the housing crisis Lisbon is undergoing right now. 


Vila Real, September 2017

Portraits of unknown family members, they reminded me of Edward Hopper.


Vila Real, August 2017

This game salon was used from 1893 until it closed in 2017, I have photographed this place on its last night open, and attempted to capture the emptiness of how it will become.


Vila Real, August 2017

My grandmother reading


Vila Real, August 2017

The incredible portrait photographer Michael Oneill in my father’s darkroom


Vila Real, July 2017

I found Rui, who's portrait I'd taken exactly a year on the day I found him again. I was surprised to find him sitting on the exact same stairs where I had photographed him. He was very happy that I'd noticed he'd grown a beard since the year before.


Vila Real, July 2017

This market remains exactly the same as I remember it the late 90's when I used to accompany my father when he was documenting this market. In 2018 massive refurbishments will be made, and I wanted to capture this place from my childhood.


Proença-a-Nova, July 2017

A village which has been abandoned since the 1980's. I was surprised to know that people lock their doors before abandoning their homes. 


Salisbury, June 2017

I stayed at the Stonehenge campsite during the days before the Solstice, which I celebrated at Stonehenge, click here to see my project on the Stonehenge Solstices.


Vila Real, June 2017

This photo was based on Edgar Degas paintings of woman ironing


Switzerland, April 2017


Switzerland, April 2017


Vila Real, August 2016

Religious celebrations of Nossa Senhora da Pena


New York, June 2016


New York, June 2016

Friends who had not seen each other in 20 years 


London, May 2016

Portraits of friends taken at Victoria Park, it was my first Kodak Portra roll of film.


 Cascais, December 2015

The first picture is my grandfather with his grandfather, it was one of my first rolls of 35mm film and I was exploring its nostalgic texture


Lisbon, November 2015

This photo was taken in one of the oldest restaurants in Lisbon, for me this photo represents how transient life is, not only because that moment was short lived for me personally, but because of the people in the photo are ghostly.


Lisbon, March 2014

An office which had been shut from 1974, the year of the Portuguese Revolution until 2014