Music Video

Directed by: João Salgado, Produced by: João Cachola Cinematography by: Ana Paganini , Camera Assistant: Inês Sena Art Direction: Isabel Theodora , Production Assistants: Diogo Gravato, Gonçalo Bicudo, Luis Ogando Color Grading by: Barbara Sales



Directed by : Mahny Bahra, Produced by Gabriela Peneda, Cinematography by Ana Paganini, Sound Recording & Sound Design by Kadie Kposowa, Edited by : Lucy Bower. Camera Assistance & Second Camera Operator: Miu Sá.

Directing, Cinematography and Editing by Ana Paganini.

Directing, Cinematography and Editing by Ana Paganini.

Collaborative work

Directed by Berty Bannerman, Produced by Nic Fergunson-Lee, Cinematography by Rory Mclean. Sparking by Ana Paganini.

Directed by Ana Margarida Coelho, Produced by Sergey Mikhalev, Cinematography by Chengwang Liu. Camera Assistance by Ana Paganini.

Directed by Amy Douglas-Morris, Cinematography by Pablo Di Prima. Produced by Bartholomew Darrington and Ana Paganini. Editing Supervision by Rodrigo Marques Mendes.

Directed by Andy Morohan, Cinematography by August Jakobson. Camera Trainees: Tristan Bejawn and Ana Paganini.